Lip Augmentation

Full, round lips are one of the most sought-after facial features. Lip augmentation creates fuller lips and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. Lip augmentation can be achieved temporarily through dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane and Beletoro. If you are looking for a permanent full lip, silicone lip implants will give you the long-term results you desire. 


OVERVIEW   Procedure    Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips
Benefits  Permanent alternative to repetitive, costly, and painful filler injections. Patient has fuller, plumper lips. 
Recovery Time  Most discomfort, if present, usually resolves after 24-48 hours, although you will be sensitive to light or medium pressure for about 2 weeks.
Post-Op Considerations   Discomfort, if present, usually resolves after 24-48 hours, although you will be sensitive to light or medium pressure for about 2 weeks. 
Tips  Arnica Montana may be started prior to procedure to decrease bruising. 

Perma Facial Lip Implant™ is available in a variety of diameters and lengths to accommodate the uniqueness of each person’s tissue characteristics. During the course of a consultation with your surgeon, it will be determined what Perma Facial Implant™ size is best suited for you. Lip implants can be inserted through tiny incisions inside the corners of the mouth under local anesthesia. 

If you are interested in learning more about lip augmentation, contact our Bismarck, North Dakota, practice today. We look forward to hearing from you.


Perma Facial Implants


Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that is designed to reshape the chin, resulting in a more attractive contour and a chin that is in better proportion to other facial features. For chin implant surgery to be successful, your jaw and teeth must function properly. If your chin is mildly weak and your jaw and teeth are functioning well, chin implants may be an ideal way to achieve the look you want. .

OVERVIEW   Procedure    Surgery to reshape or enhance the size of the chin. It may be done either by inserting an implant or by moving or reshaping bones.
Benefits  Chin implants can correct a weak chin, strengthen the appearance of a receding chin or improve the overall appearance of your face and profile by restoring balance.
Recovery Time  You can resume light activity the day of surgery. You should be able to return to work and your usual activities within 7 to 10 days
Post-Op Considerations   You may feel some numbness in your chin for up to 3 months, and a stretching sensation around your chin for 1 week. Most of the swelling will be gone by 6 weeks, 
Tips  You will want to stick to a liquid or soft diet for at least a day or two due to swelling and pain with chewing. 

During the chin augmentation procedure, an incision is made either inside the mouth or under the chin. A pocket is created in front of the chin bone and under the muscles, and an implant is inserted. The incisions are sutured and a dressing is applied. The chin augmentation procedure can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one-and-a-half hours, depending on the technique and implant that is used.

After surgery, you can expect to experience some bruising and swelling, but discomfort is usually minor and can be controlled with medication.

Chin augmentation helps provide balance and symmetry to your face, helping approve appearance and self-confidence. 


*Disclaimer: The results described and displayed here and elsewhere on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have received those services. All results may vary and may not be permanent. The Aesthetic Center does not make guarantees of results. 


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