Posted by Kathryn Reiswig, Licensed Esthetician 2/20/2018

Snow falls slightly with a gust of wind hitting your most exposed feature-the face. Your skin goes through a lot, especially in the winter months - it is the first thing that people notice about you and how you treat it is important. It’s your first focal point and main attentive attribute. From environmental factors it takes a lot of neglect and abuse. This exterior stress creates dryness, itchy feeling, and scaly type skin. A few ways to relieve skin that becomes irritated and lacks moisture is by exfoliation.


There are two ways to exfoliate, with the first being manual exfoliation with a loofah or body brush while in the shower. The second way that one can exfoliate is to indulge with a homemade salt or sugar scrub. These can be either homemade or applied in a body scrub that we offer at the Spa. As for a professional service, coming in to experience a microdermabrasion is always a great gift to yourself. A microdermabrasion is relatively described as a polishing vacuum for the face, décolleté (neckline and upper chest) and arms. It helps flake away the dull skin cells and bring in new healthy skin that is full of radiance! Not only does this create a healthy environment for your skin to breath, it also allows for topical products to penetrate.


Many symptoms arise from dry climate and constant winds. With living up in North Dakota’s dehydrating environment that strips moisture of our skin, keeping up with the removal of dead cells helps irritation from thee beginning.

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