Probiotics & Complexion

Posted by Kathryn Reiswig, Licensed Esthetician 8/25/2017

Face mapping for internal health.


Acne is one word that puts a sour taste in my mouth. Not only do I fight it everyday looking in the mirror, many of my clientele within the last year express concerns with those one-eyed- monsters that invite themselves overnight. With a high percentage of problematic skin being on the rise it has sparked my interest in trying to find common facts. Many factors play a role in our skin’s complexion for men and women. I am sure you have been told multiple times that drinking excessive amounts of water or cleansing twice a day is key to clear skin. This may help, however, more studies are finding that what we put into our gut is what reflects the image in the mirror.


Prebiotics and probiotics are calming to our GI systems. How can one capsule full of good bacteria change an appearance you may ask? The natural flora found in our guts is affected by everything we digest throughout the day. Simple and complex carbohydrates create uneven levels of good bacteria leaving our GI tracts inflamed.


Probiotics may contain millions of harvested “good bacteria” that enter our system fully loaded to recover any area of damage. Not only can prebiotics and probiotics assist the damage of our internal health, they can also assist with our largest organ- the skin.


One way to neutralize inflammation on the surface of skin is to massage the face regularly. Massaging of the face promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation of the sebaceous glands also known as oil glands. These glands produce minimum or excess oil that leaves the skin in problematic situations, leaving us concerned with our facial complexion.


 In addition, using a daily protocol of quality products that contain acne fighting properties that help calm irritation and redness is needed. One active ingredient that fights various acneic bacteria found on the skin is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is not only a common ingredient in chemical peels but also in many products found in our medical skincare line we carry here at the Spa & Aesthetic Center.


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